Cinched Tight

Celebrate Your Shape
Blue Stripe Latex Dress

Jaynie Jezabel photographed by After Midnight Photography, dress available by inquiry

Celebrate Your Shape

We opened our doors in 2009 with a simple idea. High quality, hand-crafted corsets and lingerie for every woman.

We had been working in clothing for years, and we kept on hearing one thing over and over again. The words would change, but the message was always the same, And it broke our heart a little bit every single time we heard it.

I can't be sexy, because of my shape

We decided we needed to create a new business, a business that was guided by one simple principle: "Celebrate your shape".

Black Latex Dress

Katty Delux photographed by Timeless Beauty Photography, dress available by inquiry

Confidence is Beauty

Since then, we've learned that the secret to being beautiful, and sexy, is feeling beautiful.

With everything we build we try to create something that will help unlock a little bit of confidence, help you feel a little more beautiful.

Ribcage Underbust

Miss Mischief in our Ribcage Underbust Corset, shot by Poppy Photography. Available by inquiry

Clothing Should be Fun

We're all about creating sexy clothing, but clothing should be fun and quirky too.

Boudoir Strap Dress

Boudoir Strap Dress, worn by Elegy Ellem, photographed by Radiant Inc. available by inquiry

Boudoir Strap Dress

Every Shape

We believe that every woman deserves fine lingerie.

Lace Overbust Corset

Lace Overbust Corset modelled by Dane Halo, photography by Kefkism Design, available by inquiry

Quality Construction

A well built corset is an investment in your wardrobe.

We build our corsets with spring steel boning, German Coutil and quality fashion layers. Every piece is built to your measurements in our studio.

White Latex and Lace ensemble

Latex and Lace set, photography by Tiffany Ann, modeled by Miss Mischief. Available by inquiry

Pushing Boundaries

When we first created our latex lines in 2011 we wanted to create designs that would explore new ways to work with the fabric. We fell in love with the look and feel of latex and we've been working with it ever since.

We're always exploring new ways to use materials.

Gold Panel Overbust

Gold Panel Overbust, image courtesy of Laura Dark Photography. Available by inquiry

A Passion for Excellence

Our designs combine quality, innovation, and a passion for excellence. With any of our corsets you are making a statement.

I celebrate my shape.

Fetish Strap Dress

Fetish Strap Dress, modelled by Lauren Perry, photography by Radiant Inc, available by inquiry

Fetish Strap Dress

It's Your Celebration

Celebrate your shape, However you choose.

Gold Underbust Corset

Gold Underbust Corset modelled by Dane Halo, photography by Michael Zahra, available by inquiry

The Celebration is Growing

We've been thrilled with the response so far. There's a growing excitment around what we do, and why we do it.

Rose Brocade and Latex Lingerie Set

Skull Brocade and Latex lingerie set, worn by Vanessa Lake, photography by Richard Marz. Available by inquiry

Thank You

We wake up every morning excited by how the celebration is growing. Between our creative partners, our customers, the attention from bloggers and small press; it's an exciting time for all of us who are celebrating.

Green Overbust Corset

Green Overbust Corset, modelled by Violet Black, photography by Richard Marz. Available by inquiry


We're a small team, and this growth has been kind of unexpected. There are some things we feel we need to upgrade, starting with our website.

Blue Latex Lingerie Set

Blue Latex Lingerie Set, available by inquiry

2015 is Going to Rock

We have a whole lot of fun, sexy, celebrations planned for next year.

It's going to be a brand new adventure.

We'd love to have you join us.

Ribcage Overbust Corset

Ribcage Overbust Corset, available by inquiry

Starting With...

The first thing we'll be doing in 2015 is launching the brand new

For right now, we hope you've enjoyed this teaser, and look forward to seeing you at our new online home.

We are still taking orders while the new site launches. Please contact us via Facebook or email.